The long tradition of Plastik SI d.o.o. has begun back in 1959 with the production of metal products by ŽICA company, which in 1966 was renamed ITEK — Transportation Packaging Industry Kanal and changed its production program to transport packaging. The big turning point was when the company produced the first plastic beer basket in February 1967, when production of injection-moulded plastic packaging began.

Today Plastik SI d.o.o. is the leading manufacturer of plastic packaging for industrial products in Slovenia. The company has continued the 60-year-long tradition, optimized the production, introduced new technologies, production processes and approaches. Since 2016, Plastik SI d.o.o. has been a member of the JUB group.

The company uses two types of technology in the production of plastic packaging. With the technology of blow moulding, it produces products such as: barrels, handles, spare fuel handles, plastic bottles. With the technology of injection moulding it produces various types of buckets (oval, rectangular, cylindrical, round), crates, multifunctional containers, waste containers, plastic baskets.

In the production process for buckets (injection moulding technology) technology allows us to glue IML labels to our products. IML technology (IN MOLD LABELLING) is injection moulding technology with automatic insertion of labels into the injection mould. Since the label is printed on the same material as used for buckets production, the negative impact on the environment is reduced by allowing easy recycling.


The Vision of Plastik SI d.o.o.  is to maintain a leading role in the production of plastic packaging for industrial products in Slovenia and to become a recognized development supplier of plastic products in Europe.


The Mission of Plastik SI d.o.o. is to produce quality, safe, useful, attractive and environmentally friendly plastic products, while providing sophisticated solutions to customers who are focused on the rational usefulness of products and, consequently, environmental responsibility.


Plastik SI d.o.o. Values are: passion for victory, teamwork, proactivity, customer satisfaction, responsibility, honesty and respect for colleagues and customers, as well as innovation and creativity in production and sales.